1.1 Course Information

Planning and Administering the Summer Food Service Program 

Online Course Syllabus


4 hours. You may begin and complete the course at any time.


This course is designed for new and returning Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) sponsor staff, and will review the regulations and procedures of the SFSP.

This course consists of five (5) lessons:   

  • Lesson 1: Eligibility and Site Selection
  • Lesson 2: Meal Service Planning
  • Lesson 3: Staffing
  • Lesson 4: Recordkeeping
  • Lesson 5: Civil Rights

Estimated Completion Time

Approximately 4 hours

Course ID


Instructor Contact

This course is self-paced, not instructor led.

Level of Challenge



Access to the Internet and a valid e-mail address.


This course requires no face-to-face classroom instruction. Lessons will be available via the course web site. You will complete the course lessons whenever it is most convenient for you. You may work on lessons at any time of the day or night on any day of the week.

This course is estimated to take about 4 hours to complete. The course web site will track the completion of each lesson and assignment and you will be able to exit the course with out completing it and pick up where you left off at any time.

Learning Objectives               

  • Explain the eligibility requirements for participants in a Summer Food Service Program
  • Understand the eligibility requirements for a sponsor of a Summer Food Service Program
  • Identify the types of Summer Food Service Program sites
  • Select the best site for your Summer Food Service Program, in compliance with regulations
  • Determine how Summer Food Service Program site eligibility is documented
  • Distinguish how Income Eligibility Applications are used to document site eligibility
  • Recognize categorically eligible Summer Food Service Program participants
  • Clarify how military benefits impact income eligibility
  • Distinguish between the methods available to provide SFSP meals.
  • Create nutritious meals and snacks, in accordance with SFSP meal pattern requirements
  • Operate a successful meal service, in accordance with SFSP meal service requirements
  • Implement the four principles of food safety in the SFSP meal planning process
  • Understand the basic process of contracting for meals in the SFSP, if you’re not planning to prepare your own meals.
  • Distinguish between the responsibilities of the administrative staff Identify the site supervisor’s responsibilities
  • Detail the sponsor monitor’s responsibilities
  • Understand the administrative operations recordkeeping requirements
  • Understand the financial recordkeeping requirements
  • Identify the documentation and explain the process required for the administrative review                           

Means of Developing Competencies

  • Online presentations with voice narration and interactivity
  • Workbook that complements online course content
  • Online resources available through internet links
  • Downloadable resources
  • Online response board posts
  • Discovery learning activities
  • Quizzes                   

Course Completion Requirements

Completion of each lesson, and its accompanying video presentation, activity, quiz, reflection question, and discussion board post, etc. is required for successful completion of the course.


Please use this link to access the online workbook: 
The workbook serves as a good way to take notes with pen or pencil while viewing the presentations in each lesson.